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 A question comes into mind what is automation and why we need that ?

  • In simple words, automation is the technique of making a process, or a system that operate automatically. It is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimum human effort.
  • The motive of automation is to boost efficiency and reliability. In most cases, however, automation replaces labor.
  • In fact, today economists have fear that new technology will eventually increase unemployment rates.
  • Automation is widely used in a number of areas such as- manufacturing, transport, utilities, information technology etc.

Why is the automation professional so important?

  • Think for just a moment about your cell phone and computer that you use every day to perform your job. Think about the car that you drive.
  •  Think about the food that you eat, water that you drink, clothes which you wear.
  • Think about the television, video games that you play, or music system that you used to listen.
  • Think about the number of buildings that you visit.
  •  Anything which you can think is the result of complex processes.
  • In the absence of these individual who play the most important role to improve and maintain these processes, these technological advances would never have been occurred and future innovations would never be possible.
  • In absence of automation professionals, our world and our future would be very different. Automation professionals are responsible for solving complex problems in many aspects of industry and its processes.

Purpose of Automation    

  • The difference between people and computers is not in their ability to do a lot of things, but the speed at which they can do them very well.
  • Anything that a computer can do, similarly a human could do them in a well manner. But time is most important factor in doing all kind of work.
  •  There are some things that a computer can do rapidly but a human can’t do. When we say this, we mean that a human can’t do.
  • A computer, can execute a flight simulator fast enough to give users an enjoyable simulation of flying an airplane.
  • A human, could execute a flight simulator, accepting all the same user inputs, but it would be so slow from the user’s point of view.
  • By saying this statement, we mean that computer makes it possible to do a thing which is not possible for human.
  • The purpose of automation is always to improve the quality attributes of a process.

Types of Automation:

Various types of automation are as follows-

Industrial Automation

It is the process of making industrial production processes more flexible and simpler at higher efficiencies. Industrial Automation includes the following-

· Numerically Controlled Machines

These machines are of computer controlled machines which uses computers to perform the control operations by acquiring, processing, calculating and controlling the process variables.

This automation is also called as Computerized Numerical Controlled Machines.

· Computer – Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

In this, the entire manufacturing process, including production, planning and control is automated with industrial robots and other types of automation devices.

These automation systems use computers to make plan, design and layout of the various products.

Example are:- Computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-aided design and drafting and Computer-aided process planning .

· Industrial Robots

These are a type of automated machines or equipment’s which can perform the different tasks for longer time period. They are mostly implemented in the areas that are highly dangerous or hazardous for humans.

Home Automation

  • As the technologies are rapidly advancing, they affect the human daily lives particularly in controlling home appliances.  
  • Such type of system performs the various operation such as lighting control and regulation, regulating HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment’s, energy and load management, security audio/ video systems and other tasks.
  • Home automation makes use of the various sensors to check parameters like temperature, pressure, motion, etc. and sends these signals to central controllers.
  • So, they take the input from sensors and send the control signals to actuating devices like relays. 


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