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Before explaining optimistic or pessimistic side of automation, it is very important to know what is Automation ?

Definition of Automation:   

  • In simple words, automation is the technique of making a process, or a system that operate automatically. It is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimum human effort.
  • The motive of automation is to boost efficiency and reliability. In most cases, however, automation replaces labor.
  • In fact, today economists have fear that new technology will eventually increase unemployment rates.
  • Automation is widely used in a number of areas such as- manufacturing, transport, utilities, information technology etc.

Uses of Automation:

  •  Automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are difficult to perform manually.
  • Today, a lot of various software tools are available in the market which can generate the code for an application.
  • The user only need to do one thing that is make use of the tool and define the process.
  • Automation is rapidly improving productivity, saving time and cutting costs.

Advantages of Automation:

Lower operating costs:

  • Robots can perform the work of three to five people, depending on the task.

Improved worker safety:

  • Automated cells help us to keep away workers from dangerous tasks. Employees will demonstrate thank you towards you for safeguarding them against the hazards of a industrial environment.

Reduced factory lead times:

  • Another benefit of automation is the reduction in the number of hours worked on average per week by factory workers.
  • Earlier the average workweek was approximately 70 hours but now this has gradually been reduced to a standard workweek in the United States of about 40 hours.

Faster ROI:

  • Automation is precise and repeatable that ensures the product is manufactured with the same specifications and process every time. Repairs are few and far between.

Ability to be more competitive:

  • Automated cells allow you to decrease cycle times and cost-per-piece while improving quality which allows you to better compete on a global scale.

Increased production output:

  • A robot has the ability to work at a constant speed which means you’ve got the potential to produce more. New products can be more quickly introduced into the production process without disruption to the existing processes.

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